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Aiyoyô – Bio

After ten years playing in different places and with important artists in Brazil, the pianist and producer Hevaldo Souza and singer/percussionist Caroline Blumer conceived the AIYOYÔ musical project intending to share with their audience an intense and unique musical experience. The Brazilian duo and some of their guests bring to the stage a diverse repertoire of Brazilian Music, Samba, Choro, Jazz, Bossa, Blues, Soul, and Rock.
Aiyoyô Project has been performing in cultural settings, theatres, and pubs of São Paulo and other cities in Brazil, and Canada.

Among the guest musicians that took part in the project, you’ll find the Indian musician Shan Bhattacharya (Dallas, US), bringing the sound of Tabla, the remarkable Brazilian bassist Jorge Oscar (Rio de Janeiro), bringing the Latin grooves of Upright Bass. Recently, the Canadian drummer Mike Carver (London), and also the Macedonian drummer and percussionist  Pavel Rendzov, they have been bringing their expertise and more diversity to the project.
The result is that both, musicians and audience,  experience Jazz, Blues, Soul, Dixieland, Rock and the best of Brazilian Music in unforgettable ways!​

Hevaldo Souza (Fox)
Known among the musicians as Fox, Hevaldo Souza is a Brazilian pianist, composer, arranger, and music producer. He played with several Brazilian artists. Performed musical arrangements and production of the Paulo Apóstolo Novel Soundtrack, winner of prizes in Germany, Spain, Russia and Portugal, screened by Brazilian TV Século XXI. He acted as musical director and arranger in Brazilian productions such as “Godspell”, “The Best Of Musicals”, “Ópera do Malandro” (Chico Buarque), “Quasímodo”, “Man of La Mancha” and others. He is musical director and pianist of the Show “Encuentro” with a repertoire of Jazz, Chamber Music, and Brazilian Music, presented in Duo with singer Caroline Blumer. He acted as audio director in the production company Casulo Music (Brazil).​ Beside Aiyoyô Project, Fox has been performing as pianist with the South African singer Lorraine Klaasen in Toronto and other cities of Canada.​

Caroline Blumer
Singer, musician, and composer, holds Bachelor and Master’s degree in Music by State University of Campinas (Unicamp). Caroline participated as soloist in Cuba of the “Conciertos de Navidad” in the cities of Havana and Matanzas, accompanied by the Soloists Symphony Orchestra of Havana and Brasília Jazz Symphony (OCBrass). She has been working as music director and vocal coach in many Musical Theater productions in Brazil. In the  Show “Encuentro” with a repertoire of Jazz, Chamber Music, and Brazilian Music, she performed in Duo with the pianist Hevaldo Souza. Besides teaching in her private studio, and perform with Aiyoyô Project, Caroline also teaches music to people with special needs and has been taking her Ph.D. in Music Education by the University of Western Ontario (London, Canada)​. Aiyoyô website

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