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Chantal Urquidi



Chantal Urquidi was born in Canada and moved to South America at the age of 2.

She spent her childhood and early teenage years in Bolivia.

During that time, she attended several classical music concerts and operas due to her mother’s job as a Choir Director and Professional Pianist.

Though she did not pursue a career in music, her curiosity led her to exploring different forms of expression.

Today, she is a Kizomba and Urbankiz dancer who has offered fun workshops in London prior to the pandemic.

At the age of 13 she moved to Poland, where she graduated high school to then pursue a career in Aviation that would bring her back to her country of birth, Canada.

Chantal has been living in London for the past 2 years and has since contributed to Simple Reflections for Artists (SRA) by taking over the role of the Advertising Coordinator.

She created and managed the Facebook Event page.

By establishing the event on a social platform Dario Novoa, Director of SRA, was able to connect with even more artists and deliver a truly unique event to Londoners.

Chantal was also responsible for the creation and artistic concept of all posters and promotional material for SRA.

She would post biographies of participating artists on a regular basis along with an interpretation of visual arts to bring the mind and heart of the artist closer to the audience.

She also brought her expertise in health and safety to ensure proper communication to the public and establish COVID-19 prevention protocol during the pandemic.

Her appreciation for art, organizational and interpersonal skills have been greatly appreciated!

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