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Gregory Kahnert



Born in Toronto, Ontario, settling in London in 2004, Gregory Kahnert has become a prominent figure in the Forest City’s ever-growing list of business innovators. Unsatisfied with his roles in the corporate sector, Greg struck out and returned his entrepreneurial roots bringing his talent for fostering relationships to London’s community of trendsetters. Previously making waves in Toronto’s fashion industry with his own clothing label, Greg turned to interiors by creating the niche Hairpin Legs Canada and Wood On Steel. The latter focusing on custom live edge wood furnishings and custom tables. 
 Not to be one to sit on the hands of success, Gregory then took on the role of partner and strategic catalyst to the now-famous Whistling Dick”s Barbershop. A circa 1930’s time machine experience that happens to offer a second to none haircut. If this weren’t spectacle enough, Greg and partner turned the space behind the titular barbershop into The Mockingbird, a speakeasy cocktail bar inspired by the same era that you can enter through the cabinet at the back wall of the barbershop. The combination has transcended their original business definitions and is now considered something of a tourist attraction in London’s Old East Village. 
 Greg’s flair for business is fed by his other passions including photography, film, and event promotions. In many circles, Greg has earned the moniker of “The Dot Connector” for his reputation of bringing ideas and people together.

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