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Jimmy Clavijo

Jimmy Clavijo


Jimmy Clavijo has worked in the advertising industry in Colombia for many years, but has always been passionate about photography. He has been taking pictures since the days when photography was on

film and processed in the darkroom. His training in photography has been self-taught, through workshops such as the Lighting Techniques Workshop at Massachusetts Art and Design College-Boston USA 2019, and The Adorama Wedding Photography Workshop 2019, New York USA.

In 2022 Jimmy moved to Canada to study Photography at Fanshawe College, where he received the Dean's Honor Roll-2023 for his outstanding academic performance. His project "Marbles" was chosen as one of the inspiring images of the semester. 

Artist Statement

Jimmy Clavijo is a photographer who likes to explore. He loves to do portraits and creative studio photos. As a portrait photographer, he believes that a portrait goes beyond a smile or the traditional concept of beauty. Jimmy thinks a portrait is an idea, a concept, a feeling. It must be an image that conveys something of the truth that a person carries inside.

In 2023, the "Marbles Series Project“ was created as a creative exploration. Photographing colored marbles from different points of view: angles, backgrounds, etc. and as a result he obtained some creative and original images.

In Greek, photography means “painting with light” and that is exactly what he always tries to do in every project. Jimmy experiments with the magic of light, colour, and textures; relying on technology and an appropriate photographic technique.

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