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Oakland Ave




In a twist of fate, Oakland Ave was formed in 2020 for a project out of the MIA program at Fanshawe College in London, ON. The indie band has since taken over the city and surrounding areas, playing a list of originals and a wide selection of classic covers. Boasting four versatile singers, they can play all of your favourite songs and have a wide repertoire of original music. Oakland Ave is known for their spontaneous improvisations, tight harmonies and playful spirit. The group’s unique live show has propelled them onto the local scene, and is garnering international attention. Oakland Ave has played numerous private events, and public shows at London Music Hall and other local venues. They are now slated to take their music through Central America before returning home to their Canadian roots.

In September of 2020, frontman Danny Mac, guitarist Ian Van Oosterhaut, drummer Nico Elias, bassist Nolan Stanisic and pianist Dean Holbrough started the Music Industry Arts program at Fanshawe. They all had their own aspirations in the music industry, but one jam changed their lives. Since being put together randomly for a project, Oakland Ave has developed a live show, a list of favourite covers, a versatile selection of original music, and most importantly, a lifetime brotherhood.

The band has spent the last two years in the MIA program, sharpening their skills and developing their music. Now, Oakland Ave looks to take on the world and share their love for music with the people. Follow them on their journey on instagram (@oaklandaveband) or visit their website ( to book now!

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