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Olukayode Ojo



Kay is an artist based in London Ontario with specialization in painting. His works have been exhibited in Africa, Europe, and North America.

He was born in Nigeria where he had his early art experiences and formal training at the prestigious Art School of the University of Benin, where he was trained by renowned contemporary art masters and obtained a Bachelors of Arts degree (Honor Roll).

His interest in visual arts started at preschool age and he was profoundly encouraged by his father to try his hands on a variety of rudimentary art materials. As time went on, his sustained interest in art necessitated him to pursue a formal study with specialization in painting.

In his early years of art practice, he worked towards a ‘Realist’ approach to art but with time, he found interest in Abstract Impressionism. His recent works are non-formal/ Abstract Art style. He prefers to be seen as highly expressive Abstract Artist without limitations who strives to attain a World- Class standard modern contemporary Art.

Kay is can be reached on +1(519) 4769695 and his e-mail address is You can also see his works on Instagram at htt/

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