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Simple Reflections
Art & Culture Showcase

Live painting and sculpting, flamenco dancing and performances that fuse diverse musical styles are some of the artistic expressions to be showcased by the Simple Reflections for Artists Collective on February 17th at Museum London. From 11 am to 5 pm, all are welcome to enjoy live performances and a showcase of local visual artists in the Centre of the Forks and meet local artists in the adjacent room while they paint and sculpt live. Museum London will also be open for touring, including a chance to get to know 71 inspiring Londoners through the Resilient London Exhibit.

Simple Reflections for Artists was founded to remove barriers for local artists who have come from all over the world to make London their home. The mandate of the collective is the fusion of culture and community through the visual and performing arts.

“When I was growing up in rural El Salvador, festivals were always a result of collective community effort, with each person contributing what they could. This is true of many cultures, and it is the spirit of collaboration among diverse local artists and organizations as well as the open hearts of Londoners that makes each Simple Reflections event possible,” says Simple Reflections for Artists founder Dario Novoa.

The February 17th Art & Culture Showcase is entirely volunteer-led and co-created by local artists. This experience would not be possible without the generous support of Museum London, the Digital Creative Art Centre and the Forest City London Music Awards.

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