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519 School of Hip Hop

519 School of Hip Hop


519 School of Hip Hop is London’s #1 resource for all things Hip Hop, led by members of Ill At Will crew since the summer of 2020. The crew has been actively promoting the positive lessons of Hip Hop through community workshops and dance lessons for the past 13 years.   

Leveraging the passion for dance and love for the culture, founder/director of the school Jim ‘JFX’ Han is all about creating space for London’s youth to explore creativity, build confidence and share their stories. 519 School of Hip Hop offers weekly lessons for kids of all ages and experience levels on graffiti art, DJing, poetry, dance, as well as the cultural foundation needed to appreciate all that Hip Hop has to offer.  

We hope that you’ll join us at this year’s Simple Reflections for Artists and catch us in action - to experience the finest of London’s Hip Hop. "  




Class footage:

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