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Alfredo Caxaj




The Ensemble delivers a sizzling repertoire of contemporary Latin music, including a wide variety of rhythms such as Salsa, Cha Cha, Cumbia, Bolero & Latin Jazz, as well as original compositions. The Alfredo Caxaj Latin Jazz Ensemble plays regularly in the London and surrounding areas, and it has been instrumental in the promotion and awareness of Latin American culture.

All of its members are professional musicians and its musical director, the multi-instrumentalist Peter Hysen, is one of the most accomplished musicians in the London area.


*Paco Luviano -Double & Electric Bass

*Rob Larose – Congas / Timbales

*Nevin Campbell - Piano

*Alfredo Caxaj -Timbales / Congas / Vocals

*Paul Mitchell -Trumpet

*Aaron Macdonald- Sax

*Peter Hysen -Trombone (Musical Director)

*Alfredo Caxaj

Since arriving in Canada in 1985 during the height of political repression in his native Guatemala, Alfredo Caxaj has truly made a difference in his adopted community of London, Ontario. With an intuitive understanding of the power of the arts, and of cultural diversity as the very essence of the human experience, his vision has remained tenacious and his organizing skills tireless.

A familiar face to people from many walks of life, Alfredo has served for almost three decades as the Executive and Co-Artistic Director of the non-profit Sunfest-London Committee for Cross Cultural Arts Inc.

Since debuting in July 1995, Sunfest (the Committee’s signature free-admission festival of music, dance, crafts and cuisine from around the globe) has grown into “Canada’s Premier Celebration of World Cultures” with an annual attendance of more than 220,000.

Alfredo has parlayed his expertise in arts administration into a range of assignments, such as contributing to the JUNO Awards Global Committee, and as a juror for the Ontario Arts Council, the Department of Canadian Heritage, the Canada Council for the Arts and many national and international music markets.

Selected by The London Free Press as one of his city’s 150 most influential individuals past & present, Alfredo continues to change the face of London -and the face of London continues to change Alfredo.

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