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Amsa Yaro

Amsa Yaro


Amsa Yaro is a Mixed/Multi Media artist who uses materials like paper to create original works inspired by culture and life. Yaro has been a part of several events which include Simple Reflections, London, Ont, Unity Project’s UpwithArt Auction in 2021 to 2023, Black history Month Arts Pop Up Show, Musuem London, February 2022 as well as London Arts Live artist with London Art Council to mention a few. Yaro co-curated the 2021 Black Visual Arts Exhibition at the Somerville 630 Gallery, London, Ont as well as organized the Black History Month Arts Pop Up in Museum London, 2022.

Artist Statement

In a world that is becoming more monochrome, where minimalism carries the trend of the day even in color choices, here I show up, with literally the color wheel, to splash and twirl reds and yellows, blues and purple, with all intent and purposes of staining your white and brightening your grey.

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