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Ana De Mexico



Artistic Name:                   Ana De Mexico (Latino singer)
Based in London ON, Canada

Born in Mexico with the music in my roots: my father used to sing and play guitar and my oldest sister (Laura VS), is a singer and composer. I started my love for the music since l was a little child. While I was a student I participated in talent competitions, joined chorus, estudiantinas and rondallas, then I joined a latin band as the lead vocal. I came to Canada and my passion for the music grew even more and wanted to share my musical roots (latin music): Mariachi Music, baladas, boleros, and latino rhythms with the people in my new home. Since then I have been singing for festivals, private and public events around Ontario. I became the lead vocal of the Latin Power Band under the direction of the renowned Saxophonist Gianny Correa; great musician and mentor who gave me the opportunity to become part of his band from which I am very thankful and happy to be part of it since almost 9 years ago. Keeping a great passion for the latino music; I give the hearth in every single melody performed with the unique Latino roots feeling.

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