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Antonio Alas



Greetings or compliments with musicians, something usual decades ago, are still relevant in London thanks to Mariachi Antonio Alas.  Antonio Alas, arrived in Canada 30 years ago and since then began his career as a musician and singer in London doing it only with his guitar. Antonio Alas, is the leader and singer of the group, also plays the accordion, requinto, guitar, and is the composer of several of their songs. He started playing the guitar at the age of 10, and then began to master the technique for playing the requinto and lately the accordion. Javier Palacios, is the second voice in the group, and plays the guitar and the guitarrón, he joined the group about 20 years ago. Cristian Daboud, choir singer, plays guitar and guitarron, joined the group about 15 years ago. Iván Hidalgo, singer of choirs and plays guitar in the group, joined the mariachi 12 years ago. 

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