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Meet Ashwini, a Software Engineer hailing from South India, who discovered her passion for art during the Covid-19 pandemic. Inspired by Mandala paintings from Buddhism, she began creating intricate and beautiful Bottle paintings, adorning wine bottles with her creativity. The designs turned out so perfectly that she started gifting them to friends and neighbors, eventually deciding to showcase her art to the world by selling them on FB Marketplace.

When Ashwini and her family got the opportunity to move to Canada, her art journey continued to flourish. She seized the chance to open a small business called Navashri Arts, where she crafts Canvas paintings, bottle paintings, bookmarks, stone paintings, and more. Customized paintings are also a part of her repertoire. Her creations are deeply inspired by the Mandala technique, as she aims to promote inner peace and positivity through her art.

As a budding artist, Ashwini is eager to showcase her talent to the world and spread positive vibes around her. She is excited to share her paintings and is open to teaching and guiding other art lovers. You can find her impressive artwork on her Instagram handle and her Facebook page Ashwini Naveen. Don't miss the chance to explore the world of Navashri Arts and experience the beauty of Mandala-inspired creations. Let's support and encourage this talented artist on her artistic journey! 🎨🌟 #NavashriArts #MandalaInspiredArt #PositiveVibes

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