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Barbara Hamilton

Barbara Hamilton


My name is Barbara Hamilton  I've done art as long as I can remember. I took photography for 3 years at Fanshawe College and did professionally along with graphic design for many years.  I've painted over the years mostly in acrylic on canvas or wood. I enjoy trying different styles and techniques to learn and grow. If you don't learn and grow you become stagnant.  I went back to school to become a nurse and have been doing that now almost 15 years.   I'm a mother, nurse, writer, working on publishing asequel I wrote over the pandemic, singer currently  in the top 10 for the Opening act at the hollywood bowl in California. I have even been trying  my hand at songwriting.  I make polymer clay dolls and paint acrylic on canvas or wood mediums. My style is impressionist, surreal and pop surreal in general.  I've shown in galleries  In Portugal,  California, Miami Florida, New York city times Square, and locally in London, kincardine, goderich, bylth, Bayfield, and Port stanley.   I'm excited to meet new artist and musicians and expand my opportunities as an artist through Simple Reflections. Thank you for the opportunity.

Artist Statement

Without change and growth, we become stagnant. Through exploring different mediums, Barbara loves the challenges to her creativity. She works in a mixed media of polymer clay and creates unique one-of-a-kind fine art dolls. She is also teaching her daughter. She explores textures abstract and pop surreal styles in painting and photography.

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