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Big Lou

Big Lou


Meet the musician: Louis Engel (Big Lou) @bigloucrew

A lot of mistakes were made but Big Lou knew at this point that he was on the right track because it is in failure where you learn most effectively. One of the final attempts to start a business before rapping was in motivational speaking. Spreading messages of positive thinking, curiosity, and community. Sharing what he observed!

Once in tune with his flow state, he learned that music was a great trigger. After a quick YouTube search he realized that he was already doing the writing and on the creative path. The drive is there. After a 30-day challenge of writing a verse every day he decided that this is the path that he will walk down.

Big Lou approached studios to gain support in launching a podcast and to learn music production. At Prevail Media Group is where Go Produce, the platform that explores how music industry professionals turn their passion into profit, was born. Big Lou built this podcast with the support of the team.

It's obvious that artistry is competitive so learning the music business is the priority for Go Produce. As he built Go Produce, downtime was spent focusing on influential artists. He studied their styles & visualized himself working alongside them.

Big Lou is the Happy Rapper. He believes in Community & Respect & Everyone’s Welcome (CREW). We obviously can't always be happy, nor would it be healthy. But in any situation we can choose happiness through mindset.

Big Lou is prepared to do the work that no one likes to do so that he can get to where only a few arrive. Don't do things just because they are easy. Accept the challenge. We out!


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