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Brianna Montepeque



Brianna Montepeque an 19 year old emerging artist who was born and grew up in London, Ontario. She took an interest in art from an early age and her love for it grew.

Her focus in the studio is Lithography and Ceramics, but she also uses mediums such as paint, pencil, colored pencil crayons, watercolor and ink pens.Her work explores her connections to life, nature, self-growth and reflecting on her relationships with others in the past, present and future.

When She is not working away in the studio she sketches her surroundings, she often sketches during bus rides or bus stops to practice drawing faces. 

Brianna has completed a Special High Skills Major in Art at John Paul II Catholic Secondary School and is completing a two year art program at H.B Beal Secondary school. She has also assisted in teaching and taught art therapy classes and also ceramic classes at London's Hutton House. She has participated in art shows such as H.B Beals end of the year shows and Simple Reflections hosted in the middle of downtown london

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