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Celtae Lynne



Celtae Lynne is a visual artist, and singer/songwriter who has built her life around creating healing, intuitive and visionary art and music.  After completing her degree in vocal performance and music at the University of Western Ontario, Celtae unexpectedly found herself on a soul journey of her own. Suffering from PTSD, anxiety and depression, she knew she couldn’t ignore her soul calling anymore. She decided to step away from music for a while to throw herself deeper into healing. Painting intuitively proved to be an integral part of her integration throughout that process. Through the use of therapy and various plant medicines including Ayahuasca, Mushrooms, Iboga, and Kambo, Celtae was able to profoundly shift her perspective on life, and let go of the past.Throughout her life and especially at this time, painting allowed her to process and integrate the lessons from her shadow work with plant medicines into beautiful expressions of her heart and soul. She emerged from that journey fundamentally changed and inspired as an artist, with a vision to create art – musical and visual – that comes from her own experience of higher consciousness.Renewed in voice and purpose, Celtae has begun to release new music again,  both as a solo artist and as part of the band Collective Evolution, which she formed with life partner Kory Adcock. Celtae also opened up her art business and has been painting and drawing commissioned artwork for clients, and selling prints of her catalogue online.  As a songwriter and as a visual artist, Celtae creates work designed to help people pursue their own spiritual awareness and connection. Apart from working on finishing her band’s debut 11 song album, she has created the book cover for an Amazon International Best Selling novel called “Soul Mate Mantra, Women’s Guide to Finding Love” written by Dr. Falak Shaiikh.In 2021, Celtae was excited to have two of her paintings accepted into the 7th Annual Toronto Visionary Art Exhibition. She is also available for commissioned art, portraits, and illustrations infused with her own unique style.Feet firmly planted on the healing road, Celtae continues to explore, express, and create music and art that not only reveal her truth, but will help others uncover theirs. Websitef

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