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Chico Sanchez



What a great journey of a Man and His music. Chico Sanchez started playing professionally in the London and South Western ont area from 1992 and continues to play as a Solo Performer and with his partner Dylan Marz as ” Dealerz Choice Duo ” and of coarse His main claim to fame The Hogwild Band. Born and raised in  St Thomas Ont and One of Nine famous people on the” Wall of Fame” thanks to Dennis Kalichuk Chico Sanchez passion was always to play live music here there and everywhere. Yes a greatful sober musician Chico has been blessed to tour through out Canada and the World. The Love of supporting one another in every community and being supportive of other musicians Chico Sanchez continues to extend that helping hand by having been asked to help host Niagara Loves Home Concerts Series during this covid-19 pandemic and shut down.  As things now slowly and cautiously open up that long anticipated wait brings new venues  already for this Man of Music. Thanks to those who support live music and festivals such as “Simple Reflections for Artist” which Chico eagerly hungers for that oppertunity to join so many other great performers on such a warm festival of love and life. Thanks to Dario Novoa for His great spirit of allowing us to be part of His amazing dream . I along with fellow musicians are beyond greatful to take part of this special event ! !  See you soon. Much Respect.

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