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Chippewa Sioux



DJ Chippewa Sioux (@chippewyansioux) a multiple-award-winning Juno-nominated Ojibway Artist/Producer from Wikwemikong and Bkejwanong Unceded territories.  Also a top 32 finalist in upcoming 2021 World Beat Battle  and importantly an uncredited innovator in the sampling of Pow Wow music that is heard today. In 2019 Unceded Brand was founded by Chippewa Sioux to release the album “Free Five” by Bkejwanong artist Naanan who was concurrently serving a life sentence and fighting for his innocence with little hope. This campaign proved successful as he was freed from incarceration no less than five months later. Unceded Brand is currently in development of a few upcoming artists all produced with the battle-tested, diverse sounds of Chippewa Sioux, and will be featured on his Website 

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