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Christine Gagné

Christine Gagné


Christine Gagné is a self-taught Artist and Designer. She's been creating beautiful art for almost 30 years. The calm and serene feelings reflect in her Artwork. 

Christine uses many mediums but her most common choice is Acrylics or Chalk. You'll be pleased to see her past Artwork on unique items such as feathers, rocks, shale, leaves, saws, emu eggs, wood, and shells. Her more recent artwork can be seen downtown London on the mural walk. She creates fantastic chalkart at events in London such as Ribfest, Oev Events,  Fanshawe Conservation Events ands works with other artists with London Arts Live.

Many artists have influenced and inspired her over the years include Robert Bateman, Bob Ross, Group of Seven, Renoir, Ken Danby and Monet.

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