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Claire Jones-Fright

Claire Jones-Fright


Claire Jones-Fright is a multi-talented artist from London, Ontario - a violinist, actor, singer, and dancer. Her musical voyage

commenced at the age of two, as she began studying  the violin following the Suzuki Method, guided by her own mother. Growing up in a family with a deep appreciation for the arts, she quickly developed a profound love for music and performance.

As Claire continued to nurture her musical talents, her love for the arts expanded to include singing, dancing, and acting. She sang in choirs and took dance lessons while she attended an Arts elementary school which ignited her passion for theatre. At the age of 11, Claire had her first professional theatre experience with Drayton Entertainment, portraying the role of Brigitta Von Trapp in The Sound of Music.

Currently, Claire Is pursuing her final year in the Music Theatre Performance Program at St. Clair College, where she continues to grow as an artist.

Claire has performed as a violin soloist with orchestras, including the London Symphonia and in 2023,  sang with the Windsor Symphony Orchestra in collaboration with colleagues from her program.

Claire was invited to perform a solo Violin and Voice Recital in São José dos Campos, Brazil, in November 2019, a life-changing experience she will always cherish.

Venturing into the world of film, Claire has played lead roles in two short films, "Mozart" and "The Dress" in partnership with Gypsy Cob Studios. Excitement brews as she eagerly awaits her upcoming film projects, "Unseen" and "What Did You Do With The Body" in 2024.

Claire's hard work has been recognized with numerous awards and scholarships at the London Kiwanis Music Festival and the Ontario Provincial Music Festival in violin, voice, and speech arts/drama.

Claire was thrilled to join the emerging Flamenco band "Los Aires" founded by Patricia Medeiros which has introduced her to many new passionate musicians! She is honoured to be a member of the "Simple Reflections” family and is grateful to Patricia and Dario Novoa for this opportunity. She looks forward to forging new connections and embracing the artistic endeavors that await!

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