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Cynthia Aguiar

Cynthia Aguiar


La Compagnie de danse is a professional Movement company based out of London, ON. Its members are inspired by many different styles and aim to share their stories through movement. The wide range of dance styles used in the company’s movement art is representative of the company members’ diverse backgrounds. Artistic director, Cynthia Aguiar, aims to provide an inclusive space for all artists to move, explore, collaborate, create and perform together, as well as learn from each other’s movement and experiences.  She is known for her unique creative process and the safe environment she creates during this process which has been called “healing”, “inspiring” and “the best way to create movement art”.

Cynthia has choreographed for many events/projects such as London Dance Festival, Fringe Festival, Big Lou’s “As a Crew” music video, dance competitions & professional showcases. She has collaborated with a variety of artists as well as organizations such as O.N.E Dance Centre (la Compagnie’s home-base) Mrs. Canada, London Art’s Council, Dance Ontario, London Music Hall of Fame, the ISO project, and Simple Reflections Collective. Some of her most recent work includes choreographing & performing for the O.N.E. 10 year anniversary showcase, opening for DAX in Toronto with Asante, facilitating a full week residency at TAP centre for creativity, and creating an Empowerment program for BIPOC Women with friend and company member, Alicia Raphael.

“We are all moving through life differently. That’s what makes us unique and beautiful.”

IG: @lacompagnie.dedanse

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