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Darío Novoa

Darío Novoa

Collective Founder/Dancer/Artist

Meet Darío Novoa, 

Founder of Simple Reflections for Artists

As a visual and performing artist who immigrated from El Salvador, Dario Novo founded Simple Reflections as an incubator of cultural expression and a showcase of the incredible diversity of local artists found in the City of London. With the recent designation of London as Canada's first UNESCO City of Music, ti is time to recognize and celebrate the incredible talent that has come from all over the world to make this community their home.

Executive Producer, Latin Roots of London Album

Latin Roots of London is a special edition album showcase of diverse genres of Latin music, uniting Latinos from different countries and cultures.This album gives local Latino artists the opportunity to be heard in the London community and beyond borders. Latin Roots of London was released on December 10, 2022, featuring 13 Latino artists based in London, Ontario. Amusic video for Somos Hispanos by the Antonio Alas Mariachi Band was released at the same time, produced by Dario Novo in collaboration with Half and Half Agency and the London Music Office. In 2023, Dario will produce the Simple Reflections of London album, a fusion of musical styles highlighting the rich diversity oftalent in the City of London. 

Dario's passion for dancing began at an early age. Dancing connected him with many musicians, Dancers and Singers. His love for dance has led me to teach Salsa, merengue, Bachata and Cumbia.

Painting gives Dario the ability to express his passion in the form of meaningful art. His creativity is from the heart; he create what he feel in the moment.

I also enjoy photography. Every day I try to find something that I have never noticed before, and the lens has the power to keep these memories alive. Every moment captured with the lens of a camera can make you return or relive a special moment.”

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