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David Rayo



Born in Nicaragua, David and his family sought refuge from the country's civil war in the 80's.  After fleeing to Costa Rica and living there for 3 years, the family was able to move to Canada in the summer of 1988.  David arrived in London, Ontario at the age of 12.  The city of London provided David with the stability and peaceful environment to grow and thrive.  David went to H.B. Beal where he joined the Jazz Band and other musical groups.  At the same time, his  participation in church musical groups gave him the practice hours needed to solidify his musical upbringing.  After graduating from university, David worked as an English instructor in South Korea where he played in an original rock band named Taste of Dynomite and latin infused music with Aqui Band.  Upon his return to London, David formed Los Synco Latin Band in 2008.  In the years since, David has continued to work on his songwriting abilities while performing in various venues in and around London.

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