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Edgar Castro

Edgar Castro


Edgar Castro - Mexico, Sculptor and Painter

Born in Mexico City in 1970, this self-taught artist started

painting and molding plaster at an early age, first exhibiting

his paintings while still in secondary school. After moving to

Canada, he studied Interior Design in Montreal, and, after

exhibiting his paintings as part of Montreal's Salsa Festival, met

another artist who inspired him to begin sculpting. He exhibited

his sculptures at the University of Quebec in Montreal before

moving to London in 2004.

His art is abstract and conceptual, fusing traditional and

alternative techniques to express his own perception of the

aesthetic and the sensual. The silhouettes that Edgar carves do

not aim to produce an explicit reaction. They are bodies in

dynamic states that is, alive and living, that reveal their

voluptuousness without vulgarity or modesty - simultaneously

tempting yet also innocent. Edgar explores the body in search

of the dark side of the love...

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