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Edward DeMarsh

Edward DeMarsh


Edward is a self-taught visual artist, as well as a regularly published fiction writer and multi-optioned screenwriter. He's grateful to hae an international reach in all the arts he practices, as connecting to things and people outside his experience excites him and makes him happy. To him, life is mysterious and spiritual, and when it needs to be spoken of, he thinks art, any art, is the best language to speak about that mystery.

Edward works with acrylics and mixed medias, often in relief style, where his works have the qualities of abstract painting, design, and sculpture all bound dramatically and beautifully together. He thinks this is the result of a night in Niagara Falls when he was 6 years old. Ask him about that if you meet him in person.

He shows in galleries in North America and in China, and his time in Asia influences much of his work in spirit, emotional content, and materials. A personal highlight was the pleasure of seeing his artwork representing Canada in the 2019 Annual Chengdu International Creativity and Design Exhibition held in the city of Chengdu, Sichuan Province, PRC. 

Artists Statement:

Like many others, art replaced the life of ordered simplicity I was raised in for one of disordered and complex understandings where I remain always evolving, forever restless. I often say, like a young bird, I throw myself off creative cliffs and learn to fly while falling.

I have been in the arts most of my life. An internationally published prose writer, a professional and award-winning theater director and actor, a multi-optioned screenwriter, a visual artist, and a musician. I have come to understand that connections happen for reasons that lie beyond beliefs or philosophy. To connect there must be a movement where both sides reach to grip something held, even if only for an instant, in common. An experience, an emotion, the point of view of a moment, a yearning towards something or a fleeing from it. We connect both deliberately and unexpectedly and in visual art, sometimes far from each other and alone.

In my visual art, I often use common objects and place them in an unusual visual context, or I take an unusual visual context and place it in a common object.

We live our experiences from the intellect and the emotion. I use mine to connect to yours.

Selected Exhibitions:

Oct. 2019 Chengdu International Design and Creativity Exhibition

May – 2020 Langley Arts Council ‘Creatures’ online exhibition

May – 2020 Port Moody Federation of Canadian Artists Summer Show

June – 2020 Langley Arts Council ‘Unorthodox’ exhibition

June – 2020 Langley Arts Council ‘Figures in Movement’ exhibition

June – 2020 Langley Arts Council ‘Summer’ exhibition

August – 2020 Langley Arts Council ‘Seniors’ exhibition

Sept. – 2020 Fort Langley Jazz and Art Festival

Sept. – 2020 Federation of Canadian Artists Sculpture show

Nov. – 2021 Square Foot’ – Westland Gallery

June 2022 - Summer Season – The Paris Bohemian Gallery

July 2022 – Home County Music and Arts Festival

October 2022 - Van Gogh Challenge - Art With Panache

November 2022 - London Community Artists annual Show

November 2022 - Square Foot Show – Westland gallery

March 2023 – ‘Binary’ solo show - Art With Panache, London, Ontario

August 2023 – Society of Canadian Artists 55th Open International Juried Exhibition

September 2023 – 5th annual Swiss Art Expo

London Community Artists Annual Show – November 2023

Group Show – Art With Panache December 2023

Member: London Community Artists

Member: Guild of American Papercutters Member: International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists (IAPMA)


Art With Panache – London, Ontario Canada

M Gallery International, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, PRC

The Art Hive Collective, Chilliwack British Columbia, Canada

Simple Reflections For Artists

Art site:

IG: @edwarddemarshfineart.official

FB: Edward Demarsh Fine Art

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