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Harley Salamanca

Harley Salamanca


Harley Salamanca is an interdisciplinary artist working in 3 disciplines: Fine Arts, Music, and Design. His work often focuses on themes associated with digitalization, geometry, light, surreal landscapes, and the encounter with new realities. Harley migrated to London, Ontario in 2005 where his passion and love for art began. He graduated

from the University of Waterloo with an Honors Fine Arts degree and a specialization in Studio Stream. Since, Harley has had multiple exhibitions in Canada and has interned with many well-known art galleries and renown visual artists. In 2015, Harley represented his homeland, Colombia, in the International Championship Art Battle held at the Toronto Pan American Games. Harley became a Certified Therapeutic Art Life Coach early in 2022, and currently he is expanding his creative art practices through his interest in sound and design. You can see Harley's complete Curriculum Vitae at

Artist Statement - Forest City Fusion Art Exhibit


These series of artworks examine the intricate interplay between organic forms, vibrational frequencies, and the fluidity of paint. By utilizing the liquid properties of paint and resin, I embark on a creative

journey to construct surreal landscapes and organic figures that mirror the hidden rhythms of our physical reality. These new organic bodies or figures are made by collaging multiple abstract patterns of dried resin and acrylic paint, merging their chaotic beauty of randomness with the precision of geometric shapes and three-dimensional perspective.

My artistic exploration is underpinned by a deep curiosity for the vibrational frequencies that underlie our world. In each painting, I seek to represent and translate these frequencies into tangible forms. As the paint flows with an innate randomness, it mirrors the perpetual dance of vibrational frequencies that define the very essence of our world. Yet, it is through the strategic application of geometric shapes, perspective, and shadows that I breathe life into this chaos, molding it  into tangible expressions that emerge as new corporeal bodies and figures, also, carefully positioned for observation and scrutiny.

These abstract expressions take on a palpable dimension on a two-dimensional canvas, offering viewers a captivating glimpse into a world where fluidity and structure coexist harmoniously. Surreal

Landscapes & Figures represents not only a visual exploration of these ideas but also a sensory journey into the subtle forces that govern our reality, and an invitation for a reflective contemplation of the delicate balance between chaos and order in our existence.

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