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Harley Salamanca



G. Harley Salamanca is an interdisciplinary artist working in the fields of Fine Arts, Music and Design; his works often focus on a variety of themes pertaining to geometry, light, surreal landscapes and the encounter of new realities. Harley moved as a teenager from Colombia to Canada in 2005, he later finished his high-school in London Ontario, and went to the University of Waterloo for Honors Fine Arts with a specialization in Studio Stream. Since, Harley has had multiple exhibitions in Canada and has interned with many well-known galleries and professional artists; among them, artist Gareth Lichty, the Button Factory Arts Gallery in Waterloo, the Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery in Kitchener and the Galería El Museo in Bogota, which has been considered one of the top art venues in Latin America. In 2015, Harley also had the opportunity to represent his homeland in the International Championship Art Battle held at the Toronto Pan American Games. For more information and access to see Harley’s creative process you can follow him on Instagram. For more information about his works, current exhibitions and updates please visit website

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