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Ilona Burghardt



My name is Ilona Burghardt and I was born in London, Ontario.

I attended at the University of Western Ontario, and the Ontario College of Art.

I started drawing when I was very young and have always been attracted to painting, and the world of visual art.

To me, the process of creation is such a spiritual experience; and the sources of inspiration endless. The materials deserve the utmost respect- the intensity of a shade of blue, the energy of a brush stroke, the juxtaposition of two colours on a canvas.  I find it fascinating how light transforms the natural world, and have been influenced by the Fauvists, Group of Seven and the Impressionists.  I work predominantly in oils and soft pastels.  A large part of my inspiration comes from the beauty and wildness of nature; the order and the chaos. The ability to express a feeling or thought in a visual language of colour and form is so rewarding and challenging at the same time.  There are limitless possibilities once I put brush to canvas, and there is always something to be learned and taken away from each piece of art that I create.

I paint landscapes, urban scenes, portraits, and am open to any kind of commission that someone might ask for.

I am a member of the Gallery Painting Group that focusses on plein air painting, and am also a member of the Lambeth Art Association. I am a member of the Square Pegs, and an associate artist at the Art Bank in London, Ontario, and also have works displayed at Art With Panache.


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