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Jair Garay

Jair Garay


Jair is a natural talent, who initially developed his techniques by simply drawing. Using coloured pencils mixed with markers, his early works are bright and vibrant. Later as a young teenager, he studied three years of technical drawing which helped him hone his skills, learning to use professional tools and apply new techniques.

Since immigrating to Canada at the age of 20, Jair has continued to create and share his love of both painting and music, making art an integral part of his life. His projects have included painting for plays, creating a series of acrylic paintings as a fundraiser for his church, and creating a 4ft by 8ft painting for a White Oaks Secondary School graduation, to name a few.
He is an ambitious painter who is happy to be working towards an exhibit that will be open in early spring.

His dream?
To travel the world, sharing his passion for painting and music, and to dedicate his life to creating art.

“I want to leave something behind in this world so that long after I’m gone, people can still see the beautiful world the way that I do, leaving my thoughts on canvas for centuries to come.”


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