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Juan-David Gomez



-- J-David (Juan-David Gomez) is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Bogotá, Colombia. He comes from a musical/artistic family and is the brother of internationally renowned classical guitar player Irene Gomez. He is currently the lead singer for Boroló Vallenato and percussionist for London-based Latin Power Band. He has been involved with several musical acts in Colombia, the US and Canada (ranging from hard rock to salsa) He has been a part of several renowned Latin acts in the GTA/Hamilton area such as Los Hijos de Tuta and K'Bolá. He was the winner of the Akademia Music Award in the Latin/Dance song category in 2015 with the Reggaeton song "No te das cuenta"; (under the name JD Yanik) and was also a semifinalist for the International Singer Songwriting Competition in the Latin category in 2015 with the song "Ganas de ti"  (also under the name JD Yanik). He currently performs at different venues, private events and festivals and has a very busy schedule with performances all year, travelling constantly between London and the GTA and releasing music on a regular basis. J-David’s focus is on urban Latin music (Reggaeton, bachata).   "Repetition is the mother of skill" T.R

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