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Katharina Bilka

Katharina Bilka


Katharina Bilka is talented artist residing in London Ontario, along with her two teenage daughters. Katharina's artistic journey encompasses a diverse range of creative expressions, showcasing her incredible versatility and passion for the arts.

Specializing in a multitude of artistic mediums, Katharina's expertise spans from crafting large-scale murals that bring walls to life to creating commissioned paintings that capture the essence of her subjects. Her artistic prowess extends to installations featuring Venetian plasters, adding a touch of elegance to various spaces.

Beyond her visual arts endeavors, Katharina's love for photography, particularly in landscapes and portraits, fuels her creativity and often serves as the muse for her canvas creations. Her artwork isn't just a form of expression; it's source of strength that has guided her through life's challenges while infusing her days with boundless joy.

Artist Statement - Forest City Fusion Art Exhibit

My paintings are a celebration of vivid colours, motions, and textures.
I do not limit myself to just one medium, style or concept. Instead, I use a combination of acrylics, Venetian plasters and Posca markers. My art represents emotions inspired by daily life, fragments of nature and the beauty of random people's faces.

If I can make any viewer stop to gaze for a moment, no matter the emotions it may evoke.........I am happy,  I have succeeded!

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