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Kris Popiolek

Kris Popiolek


Kris Popiolek was born in Poland and now lives in London, Ontario.

Kris got started with photography when he got his first camera and access to a black and white darkroom while in primary school. Photography has been Kris’ creative outlet ever since.

Kris’ most important accomplishments include participation in Western Fair Creative Arts Competition and Museum London South America Photo Exhibition, having a photo selected for a charity auction and photography magazine contest.

Artist Statement - Forest City Fusion Art Exhibit

I’m Kris Popiolek. I love photography because it gives me a way to capture, and share with others, the beauty of the world. My favorite thing to photograph is nature. I like to travel, to experience different countries, cultures, foods, and architecture – another source of inspiration in my photography.

When I take pictures (or tweak them on the computer, or in the past – develop them in the darkroom) the time seems to disappear.

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