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Larissa Medeiros

Artist & Dancer


Larissa started studying ballet at the age of 2 at Baby Class Ballet at 1, 2, 3 E JA' SCHOOL, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Owner of the Flamenco del Sur, from a very young age, she began to participate in classical ballet performances. Extremely talented, she began studying Flamenco with the ballet dancer Patricia Weingrill at age six and performed several performances in theater in Brasilia. At ten years old, she moved to London, Ontario, in 2017 and started studying Danca Flamenca and castanets with Patricia Vasconcellos at Dance Extreme. In 2019, she kept studying at FLAMENCO DEL SUR DANCE STUDIO, and she was the first member of FLAMENCO DEL SUR GROUP to perform at the London Public Library and London Dance Festival. A responsible and disciplined teenager, she has acted in musical theater and Flamenco Dance. Performs in LOS AIRES Flamenco Band and demonstrates exceptional talent in arts

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