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Lori Kendrick



Never one to tread the comfortable well worn path of those who came before her, aspiring Canadian artist Lori Kendrick enjoys the discomfort of the unknown. As an avid traveller, this London Ontario native started her creative pursuit as an amateur photographer documenting her travel history. While her photographs captured beautiful images they failed to convey the array of emotions and experiences she longed to share. So in 2017 at the age 48 she picked up a paint brush for the first time and found the ability to share those feelings that had been missing from her photography. Lori feels being a self taught artist allows her to create freely, authenticly and from the heart without the constraints of rules or expectations. Lori’s primary focus is acrylic on canvas, however she has also been known to dabble in mixed media using a creative array of tools to achieve her desired outcome of truly one of a kind original works of art.

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