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Los Aires

Los Aires


🎶🌟 Introducing the sensational band "Los Aires," a group of talented musicians who are setting the London music scene on fire with their vibrant and captivating performances! 🎸🎻🎤

Meet Patricia Vasconcellos, a remarkable artist with a rich background in Spanish Dance and Music. With her mastery of flamenco art and passion for choreography, Patricia founded Flamenco del Sur, bringing the essence of flamenco culture to London. Her performances at various events and festivals have mesmerized audiences, and she continues to promote the art form through workshops and projects. With Los Aires Flamenco, Patricia envisions authentic and original compositions that will leave the city spellbound. 💃🌹

Next, we have Peter Tindall, a native of London whose musical journey began at a young age. Inspired by the diverse world of music, Peter's compositions are influenced by various genres, including the riveting art of flamenco. His admiration for guitar legends like Paco De Lucia and Antonio Rey ignited his passion for flamenco, leading him to become a vital part of Los Aires. With his profound appreciation for all forms of music, Peter adds a unique flavor to the group's compositions. 🎸🌟

Daubian Oliveira, hailing from Brazil, is a multi-talented singer, songwriter, and percussionist. Infused with the rhythms of samba, bossa nova, forró, and frevo, Daubian's fusion of Brazilian styles is an absolute delight for audiences. As the founder of "Dau and the Best of Brazil," his positive energy and versatility have filled venues with lively Latin American music. With a keen interest in the cajon and its application in flamenco, Daubian's musical talent and passion have enriched the offerings of Los Aires. 🎵🎤🥁

Felix Stueckmann, a Toronto-born musician, is a master's student at UWO, excelling in music performance and research. His discipline, creativity, and musical perception make him an invaluable asset to Los Aires Flamenco. As a skilled pianist and bass-baritone, Felix adds depth and passion to the group's flamenco songs, engaging and delighting audiences with every performance. 🎹🎶

Last but not least, we have Claire Jones-Fright, a multi-talented violinist, singer, actor, and dancer from London, Ontario. Claire's love for music and performance was nurtured from a young age, and she has showcased her incredible talents at various prestigious events and orchestras. Her solo violin and voice recital in Brazil was a life-changing experience, and now she brings her exceptional skills to Los Aires. Claire's heartfelt performances and artistic prowess have captivated audiences and earned her numerous awards and scholarships. 🎻🎤🎭

Together, Los Aires creates a mesmerizing and harmonious blend of flamenco artistry and Latin American rhythms.

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