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Luis Latino

Luis Latino


**DJ Luis Latino - Your Sonic Guide Through Time and Global Beats**

Embark on a rhythmic journey with DJ Luis Latino, a maestro guiding you through history and worldwide nightlife.

🌏 **From Asia to Brazil - Resurgent Beats, Global Impact**

After a period of silence, DJ Luis Latino is back, reclaiming the throne of sonic alchemy. From Asian nights at the Boston Club in Seoul to the Swiss Hotel Night Club to the rhythms of the Moonlight Club, Luis captivates audiences globally.

🌏 **Syncing Beats with Legends - '97 and '98 Brazilian Soccer Tours**

Navigating the Brazilian National Team through Asian tours in '97 and '98, Luis crafted a football history DJ night. With Nike acting as a nightlife logistic helper for the squad, he orchestrated an after-party game with the football legends.

🚴‍♂️ **Pedaling Through Nostalgia - Retro Resurgence Worldwide**

Emerging like a phoenix, Luis brings '80s '90s and '00s retro beats to the Portuguese Club in London Ontario's dance floors with memories from Old Chicago's to the iconic Barking Frog celebrating the past and the enduring power of beats.

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