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Marco Ardon

Marco Ardon


I was born in Valencia Venezuela, but moved to Oxford England when I was 1 year old. Lived for several years there moved back to Venezuela, moved to the USA a couple of years and moved back to my home town again.    

In the year 1996  founded a band with Freddy and Luis Miguel called Xtension Rock & Trova. We had many other people involved in the band until we part ways. Singers like Gaby, Abi, and many other amazing  Venezuelan musicians.   

We were inspired to use Latin Rock with  Stories of people we knew, Venezuelan history and spiritual lyrics.  

We recorded 2 cds and played in places like Universities, Festivals, we even opened up concerts for Pablo Milanes ( Trovador Cubano), Yordano and Frank Quintero ( two of the well know and established Venezuelan Artist ).  After the Revolution came to Venezuela, more than 5 million people fled the country. Me, my family and my colleagues.   

My wife, daughter and I came to Canadá. Our son was born and a new chapter started in our lives.  Now after more than 10 years we’re making music. Freddy and I live in Ontario Canadá And are blessed to have a second chance to make music again.  

Dios los bendiga.  

Marco Ardon

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