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Mati MJ



Originally from Nicaragua, and arriving to Canada at a teenager age of 13,   to Regina Saskatchewan where I finished high school.  Went to university for a year and discovered that science was not my thing, I was a natural artist, loved art but didn’t know it yet until receiving a grade 12 award on arts that had my eyebrow raising, not realizing then but realizing now that I love arts!  My forever hobbies have been dancing,  and become a instructor at one point  of the  art of belly dance.  Now I love to paint!  I mostly use acrylics, sometimes oils and on and off like to draw a bit.  I become a professional hairstylist 21 years ago and if you think about it, that to me still art, you have a canvas(head) and you need to be artistic by adding colours.  Absolutely love art in all types of forms and get inspire by others as well.

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