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Michael Trudgen



London, ON is where percussive fingerstyle guitarist Michael Trudgen calls home.  Trudgen’s smooth style easily transcends a number of genres, including folk, bluegrass, and pop-infused rock.  Where the bulk of today’s songwriters and musicians rely upon words to help paint effective pictures for the listener, crafting instrumental music that is both compelling and captivating is no small feat, yet it’s something that Trudgen has done remarkably well on his latest collection.” – Canadian Music Magazine  
Michael has two full length albums, “Michael Trudgen” and “All The Pretty Things,” available on your favourite music streaming sites. Featured in several publications, he has been showcased in Canadian Musician Magazine, Divide and Conquer Magazine, London Fuse, London Reverb, and Lifoti Arts and Music Magazine.  Michael is currently endorsed by Stonebridge/Furch Guitars for his musicianship, performances, and community involvement.  Michael is currently working on another endorsement for a travel guitar company, but things are on hold due to the ongoing pandemic situation.  Michael hopes to be able to release the detail and info in 2021 for this secret project.
Plus, Michael works with three bands: With A Fox – labelled as a new genre called “Cabin Punk,” infuses modern folk pop with some punk flare into an easy listening package.  WAF has two EPs “Songs From The Den” and “Walk Into The Fire.” WAF had won April 2017’s 98.1 Free FM Made In London competition, and has two new singles in the works for release later this 2020 year; The Bully Club – is Michael’s second band, incorporating moody vocals, strings, horns, piano, and acoustic guitar, with simple beats, that create moody landscapes, drama, and story telling.  The Bully Club has four songs released, and lots more ready for recording; Leanne Mayer and The Renegades – is a cabaret style folk jazz group, featuring strong vocals, harmonies, banjo, ukulele, saxophone, and djembe drums.  Michael join the group after Leanne released her first EP “Bitter Sweet Remedy” and later won Best Contemporary Singer-Songwriter for 2019 Forest City London Music Awards.  Leanne and The Renegades are currently writing another EP, and had released their first single “The Devil You Know,” which had great success so far on the scene

Creativity is in no short supply with Michael, and has his hands in several projects!  2020 has been a bumpy start, but this lends to giving Michael more time to write and complete a new 12 song album names “Hands.”   Looking forward to hitting the recording studio as soon as possible, he hopes to release his next masterpiece in 2021, and asks that you like his pages, stream his music, and stay in touch! Listen to All The Pretty Things | Michael Trudgen

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