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Olukayode (Kay) Ojo

Olukayode (Kay) Ojo


Kay is a full-time visual artist based in London Ontario with specialization in painting. He is an abstract-impressionist that draws inspiration from nature and society. His works have been exhibited in Africa, Europe, and North America. He is a member of London Artists Community and London Artists’ Studio Tour.

His interest in visual arts started at preschool age and he was profoundly encouraged by his father to try his hands on a variety of rudimentary art materials. As time went on, his sustained interest in art led him to pursue formal studies in Fine Arts, with specialization in painting.

Kay was born in Nigeria where he had his early art experiences and formal training at the prestigious Art School of the University of Benin. He was trained by renowned contemporary art masters and obtained a Bachelors of Arts degree (First Class Honors).

Kay also learnt art from traditional African art masters where he was taught the use of symbols, colors, patterns and to create engaging compositions in his works. This experience, combined with his formal art education has a great influence on his paintings and his approach to art in general. He sees art as medium for storytelling and he narrates his stories in the most colorful and unpredictable way possible. This adds a measure of freshness to his works with an aim of achieving curiosity, emotions, nostalgia as he takes his viewers on an artistic journey.

He has painted commissioned portraits of some notable people such as the former president of Nigeria (Chief Olusegun Obasanjo), Donald Duke, Anthony Onyerugbulem and others. Kay is can be reached on +1(519) 4769695 and his e-mail address is You can also see his works on Instagram at htt/

Artist Statement

For me, art is the medium through which I convey ideas, narrating my imaginations in the most colorful and unpredictable manner possible. I strive to infuse each of my creations with an air of

freshness, invoking curiosity, emotions, and nostalgia. I take viewers on an artistic journey, inviting them to explore the depths of their own imagination as they connect with my work.

In collaboration with fellow artists, I have been part of shows and exhibitions that celebrate diverse voices, such as the Black Visual Arts Exhibition in London, the Black History Month

Pop-Up at the Museum London, and the Simple Reflections Art Project, among others. As a member of the London Artists Community and the London Artists’ Studio Tour, I am deeply embedded in the vibrant artistic culture of London. Through these affiliations, I am able to

engage with fellow artists and my community. This promotes a rich and dynamic artistic engagement.

In essence, my art is a combination of elements from nature, society, culture, history, and contemporary expression. It is my hope that my work would engage the eye, sustain the interest of my audience and spark emotions. I invite you to join me on this colorful journey as we explore the boundless possibilities of art and imaginations.

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