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Patricia Vasconcellos



Patricia Vasconcellos

Patricia started to study Spanish Dance at 17 years old. At 24 years old, she graduated in Music, Piano instrument at the Federal
University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. For 20 years, she studied Flamenco Art, tap flamenco technique, castanets (playing and dancing), and Bata de Cola. Patricia was a choreographer and teacher for over six years, managing many performances and Flamenco projects. She moved to London, Ontario, Canada, to create the Flamenco del Sur group to bring Flamenco culture and style to the city. She has performed at the London Dance Festival, Community events, and other festivals, Western University, and
Heart Links, and participated in an International Flamenco Concert with TD Sunfest. She has promoted workshops in the London and surrounding area to showcase the Flamenco Rhythms to musicians, dancers, and Flamenco lovers. In 2020, Los Aires Flamenco Group brought the Flamenco culture and art to London through the fusion of flamenco rhythm and dance. In 2021, she performed virtually at London Dance Festival, and in 2022, she became a Board Member of Centre Movement Arts. She performed with live music at Simple Reflections of Artists, London Dance Festival, and Toronto Fringe at the play Bruno and Hogginfrittz.

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