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Praneeta Vaidya



I was born in Kuwait to Indian parents. At 17 my family moved to Canada. After graduating with a fine arts degree from the University of Windsor I moved Taiwan for what I thought was going be a year long adventure, but that turned into more than a decade. While there I taught English and helped run a non-profit art gallery as well as taught art classes and had my own studio. In 2019 I decided to more back home by the end of 2020. In April of 2020, along with the pandemic starting I was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer.

While in university most of my work was about the female form and using art and the process of creating to expose and heal trauma. I have continued with that learning process and found a new joy which was teaching adults the creative process.

My last show in Taiwan centered on my health and for that show I used puzzle pieces on canvas and paper, I also explored digital art by creating GIF's in procreate. Viewers were able to scan QR scan codes and access the GIF'S on my website.

I hope to be able to share my story through my art but also give others a space and tools to express themselves, heal and to learn more about what the human condition has to offer.

IG: PraneetaVaidya


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