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Selma Popovic

Selma Popovic


Selma was born and raised in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Her successful artwork experiences are in the field of fashion design and textile art. She was awarded for many collections. Her pieces are inspired by everyday life and the culture she was raised in. The highlights of her career involved working as a  fashion designer for the Winter Olympic Games in Sarajevo 1984.

Artist Statement - Forest City Fusion Art Exhibit

My lifelong quote is, “What is life without art?” I see art in every aspect of our lives. Everyday life inspires me to create art and people are my muses as they interest me the most. For this exhibition I decided to paint a new series called “Girls with Attitude.” In my opinion, the girls are under tremendous social status pressure caused by all social media platforms. Social media infiltrates every aspect of their life; my focus is on accepting the way they look as they are, to be unapologetically bold and proud! My ultimate goal is to keep that beauty.

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