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Shane Wilcox



Greetings! I'm Shane Wilcox. A multi-talented professional Artist in London, Canada, for over 20 years. My specialty is bringing other people's visions to life by painting large-scale custom murals on almost any surface possible.

I've been very blessed to create many notable projects in my journey. Such, to name a few. A colorful 50ft anamorphic cafe street scene at the London International Airport. A community-inspired designed bus called 'Creativity In Motion.' Even a psychedelic 3D Animal mural on the garage door of an extraordinary private residence.

In between commercial commissions, I strive to create intuitive visionary masterpieces that inspire viewers to connect with the comfort of morphing color in flowing perspectives. While often exploring themes that encourage deep reflection.

I've been part of solo exhibitions & group shows in many fabulous places, including, The Grand Theatre, TAP Center For Creativity, Museum London & more.

Live performance is another favorite skill of mine, from streetside, to events & gatherings. It's always fun bringing the creative process outside the studio; such a fantastic way to connect & share awesome vibes. At the same time, inspire others to explore their Artistic Nature also.

Art is an important form of communication. It often speaks without words. The actual value of this is immeasurable. I've always known that my best expression comes from Artistic creation. Whichever way that takes shape. I'm honored to speak the messages it has to say.

Here's a bunch of links to check out if You'd like to see more & get in touch.

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