Shane Wilcox



Greetings!!! My name is Shane Wilcox. I’m a multi-talented, professional Artist in London, Canada. Some of my specialties include custom murals, high detail portraiture, and visionary landscapes. While a lot of my Art is in private collections. One of my biggest public pieces so far, is a 50ft. Anamorphic cafe inside of The London International Airport. I like to create with a wide variety of tools & mediums, on many different surfaces. Using colour combinations that shift with the viewer’s perspective, in changing light. Even though projects and styles may vary. What I’m passionate about remains the same. Being an Environmental & Animal rights advocate. This has always been a major influence in my work. A lot of my pieces are meant to plant important seeds of thought and hopefully inspire positive changes within. Which also encourages my growth into being a better person along this shared journey too. 

With my Life partner, Kimberly. We run an independent small Art business together, called ‘Studio SHIM’. Offering a wide range of Canadian made-to-order, slow Fashion accessories and Home decor. All based on our original designs. I’m also a proud member of the London Arts Council. Which really means a lot for me to be involved in our local Community. Helping out with collaborations that beautify and build stronger connections. If You would like to know more about me, check out any of my works, or seriously inquire about potential commissions. Please feel free to visit my website and get in touch.