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The duo 'SUYAI' is made up of Viviana & Mauricio from Chile, who began their musical journey in 2009 motivated by the research of new forms of interpretation of Chilean and Latin American folklore, mainly from the areas of Patagonia and Chilean Araucania, as well the inhabitants that comprised the 'America-Sur' (southern part of America) such as Chile, Peru, Bolivia and Argentina.

They have made several presentations in which they highlight the tour in Germany in 2018 with renowned musicians from Germany and Taiwan, the Tour to Colombia in 2019 with the ‘Ensamble Sur del Mundo’ invited by the Embassy of Chile in that country, the participation as guest musicians who greet Pope Francis I on his last visit to Chile, the Musical weeks in the City of Contulmo (Chile) and a wonderful concert in the courtyard of the home of the Colombian writer and Nobel Prize for Literature, Gabriel García Márquez, in Aracataca (Colombia).

Viviana & Mauricio are a couple who in 2022 decided to look for new paths and opportunities for themselves and their children, so they decided to emigrate to Canada, settling in the beautiful city of London, Ontario. It is only since 2023 that they begin to develop again their artistic activity, already in new scenarios and delighting new audiences. In March they join the staff of artists who make up Simple Reflections for Artists, from where they have begun to bring their art to the public of London, as well as other localities within the province of Ontario.

'SUYAI' is a word from the Mapuzungun (the ancestral language of the Mapuche people, originally from southern Chile and Argentina), meaning 'Hope'. With this word, Viviana and Mauricio want to express the feeling that provokes them 'the new life' they develop on Canadian soil, being this new space, a place of Hope for the future, its children, music, and the whole society.

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