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Yezid Bruges



Yezid Bruges, Vallenato singer who fills the nights of the nights of


Being far away from our countries makes us miss our customs and music, that is why Yezid Bruges and his group La Fuerza del Vallenato, turn, as if by magic, the cold nights of London into a whole new world of music.

Vallenato, a musical genre from the Colombian Caribbean Coast, declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2015, is a term directly associated with Colombian singers and groups, whose lyrics are full of love stories, afflictions, and memories.

This musical genre, whose origin is disputed by the city of Valledupar, considered its cradle, and the province of Padilla, formerly Magdalena Grande, is the source of inspiration for Yezid Bruges, a 45-year-old Colombian singer, who has made a name for himself, on weekends, in nightclubs, parties, restaurants and entertainment venues in London.

In 2001, Bruges began his career with the Vallenato group "Los Betos", with which he lasted five years until he emigrated to the United States where he formed his own tropical music group called Yaje. This was followed by his joining the group "La Innovación del Vallenato", where he continued his artistic career as a singer.

After his experience in the United States, and for reasons unrelated to folklore, in 2009 he emigrated to Canada, a country that opened its doors to him and has seen him grow artistically. In London, the city where he settled, he formed his group "La Fuerza del Vallenato" with the support of Andrés Villa, member of the group "Los Betos".

With emotion he commented to Magazine Latino that after 11 years and accompanied by Juan David Meza, his main accordion player, he continues with the same group that has seen him grow artistically.

The Colombian singer of Goajira roots emphasized that since he was a child, he used to see accordions and guitars at home. "I learned to play the guitar, to sing and to play the accordion a little. I liked to liven up family parties. Music was always present in my house."

Bruges said: "To sing vallenato you need heart and soul. Vallenato is pure love. Unlike modern music, vallenato speaks of love, of women, of family, of one's homeland.

He noted that his time in Canada has been a great blessing in his life and in the lives of his three children and wife. "After 10 years of being separated by living in the United States, we were reunited. You can imagine the joy of having my family back with me".

About his main accordion player, Juan David Meza Pulmarejo, who arrived in Vancouver two months ago, he explained that he is a young 35 year old Civil Engineer, who before coming to live in Canada was based in Valledupar.

Juan David Meza's grandfather, José Domingo Pumarejo, instilled in him the love for the accordion, motivating him to play his first notes on a two-row accordion -very old- owned by the old man. At the age of 23 Meza Pulmarejo was able to have a professional accordion, and since then he has learned to play empirically the wonderful instrument that gives life to the vallenata music.

For any information or event booking, you can do so through the Instagram "La Fuerza del Vallenato" or by cell phone 2269980792.

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